Trustee Training

RJM offers a wide variety of training programmes and workshops for Trustees.
Specialist 1/2 day programmes on - 
* Section 37C
* The Duties of a Management Board
* The Duties of a Principal Officer
* The Duties of an Administrator
Basic one day programmes on -
* The operation of a Retirement Fund
* The Different Retirement Funds available
* Industry Bodies and Associations 
* The Regulatory Authorities
* Relevant Legislation
* Important Documentation
* Basic Investment Principles
* Partaking in effective Trustee Meetings
* The Duties and Obligations of Trustees
* Investment Management
* Insured Benefits
* Further Legislative Matters
* Important Adjudicator Determinations
One or two day workshops on -
* Good Governance (PF130)
* The Investment Environment
* The Pension Funds Act (Act 24 of 1956)

We also offer an Advanced Training Programme that is divided into two phases - each comprising of three, two day sessions. These sessions are Unit Standard aligned, so once completed a Trustee will have achieved the 26 credits recommended by INSETA as the minimum standard for all Trustees.